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(1) If you download genome file from NCBI, just choose gbff file and unzip the file.

(2) Only genbank file could be successfully recognized.

Typical genbank file is like below:

LOCUS AL009726 4215606 bp DNA circular BCT08-F68-2018

DEFINITlON Bacillus subtilis subsp, subtilis str, 168 complete genome.

4CCE5510N 41009126 299104-299124

VERSION AL009126.3

DBLINK BioProject: PRINA76

BioSample: SAMEA3138188

KEYWORDS complete genome.

SOURCE Bacillus subtilis subsp, subtilis str. 168

ORGANISM Bacillus subtilis subsp, subtilis str. 168

Bacteria, Firmicutes: Bacilli; Bacillales, Bacillaceae: Bacillus.

REFERENCE 1 (bases 1 to 4215606)

AUTHORS Kunst,F, Ogasawara,N, Moszer,l., Albertini,A.M., Alloni,G.

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